December 10, 2016
Start of the project
Odessa, Ukraine

Heritage conservation in Odessa

In the search for methods of saving the architecture of Ukraine, the project ARCH F6 was born. The goal of the project is the creation of digital passports for the facades, which will allow for the further accurate reconstruction and restoration of objects and monuments of architecture.We start from Odessa, because here most of the buildings are under threat of demolition and destruction, due to lack of timely reconstruction.
The main goal of Arch f6 is a creation of database that shows the current situation of cultural heritage in Odesa, show how new technologies can make the work of reconstructors better and easier and involve people in saving cultural heritage.
The main idea is to show the new instruments of saving architecture on examples. We have 132 building that was excluded from the list of official register of cultural heritage. We want to get information of that ones that are still standing and their status.
We have a map that we we want to complete with actual data and here we need your help. It takes two minutes to answer a few questions that is made like a form. After this map will be complete we will chose most interesting buildings from the list and start doing the “passports of facades”.
Next step is creating a dialog between government, developers and civil organisations. We hope this will be a good example for everyone and this technology will be in the instrument of future constructors, designers, contractors and citizens.

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