November, 2014
Start of the project
Odessa, Ukraine

3D scanning projects in Odessa

We scan buildings and sculptures in Odessa and collect it into a database of local cultural heritage. Using the 3D models we produce VR tours and AR apps for PC and mobile to raise awareness about places we scan, their problems and opportunities. Among the scanned locations are Duke Square, monuments of the founders and prominent people of Odessa (Babel, De Ribas, Marazli, Utesov), the inner part of Passage. The process is ongoing and the list of objects is updated.

One of our planned projects for Odessa is the historical reconstruction of extinct objects in virtual tours and augmented exhibitions. One of the examples here is a Fish restaurant near Duke square in Odessa destroyed in 1917. We’ve already scanned the location near Potemkinskaya Stairs where the restaurant stood and now are collecting archive photos to build a historically true 3D model.

Results as of today

Technologies involved: laser scanning, photogrammetry, game development for virtual reality on Android, augmented reality development.
Involved professionals: photographers, drone operators, scan editors, Unity game developers, 3d modelers.
Status: scan data collected, point clouds counted on supercomputer, VR and AR tours produced in prototypes, the process is recurring and ongoing.
Possible partnerships: sharing experience, collaborations with similar projects, volunteering on any of the mentioned roles, donation or funding.

Our partners and supporters