May, 2016
Start of the project
Kyiv, Ukraine
In process

Podmostovie — urban planning and revitalization of abandoned locations

Together with Podmostovie project that aims to revitalize Devolanovsky descent we are conservating the street as is before it will start changing. Locals will be engaged in photoscanning the location together with our cameramen. The 3D model that we get from scanning will be used for urban planning contest. The contest will gather architects and urbanists from Ukraine and the world to offer their vision of revitalization based on our scanned model. Final projects will be converted into virtual tours for public voting. People will be able to rate projects through site or view them in VR on public events. We hope such a walkthrough, events, and actual scanning will help to engage locals into the revitalisation, show people how to influence on public space around them.

Our partners and supporters